Hi, my name is Nyaomi. I am a passionate artist with a love for photography, interior design and sewing. Over the years I’ve found ways to combine all three with my interest in health and wellness. I believe how we feel when entering a space matters, so let's fill your spaces with colours, patterns and scents that resonate with you.
Jovés by Nyaomi
• pronounced, "jo-vey"
When naming things, I don’t rush the process. The meaning is important to me along with the way it sounds and looks. The name Jovés is inspired by jueves, the Spanish translation for Thursday. Jueves comes from the word jove, another name for Jupiter in Latin. In astrology, the planet Jupiter is associated with growth/expansion, healing, good fortune, prosperity, generosity and miracles. I believe these are some good principles to start and end our days :)
These pillowcases are sewn with medium-weight satin, are machine washable, and have an interior pocket for your bedtime essentials. In other words, they're durable, easy to maintain and convenient. As satin pillowcases, they also decrease friction which is beneficial to your skin & hair.
Jovés has been one of my favourite sewing projects to date and I'm excited to share it with the public.